Welcome to Hafeez-Centre.com for people of Pakistan to direct buy, exchange or sell stuff throughout Pakistan over internet. The purpose of this website is to provide FREE trading platform to sellers and buyers so that they can interact and trade with each other directly, eliminating the role and commission of broker/middle-man. Be-ware of scam websites of hafeez centre Pakistan which will attract users and show huge ads for own benefit of people behind those sites. Be careful while trading goods online as well. You yourself are responsible for any mishap. This website is mere a facility which brings traders, buyers and businessmen colse. Direct contact with seller and buy used or brand new stuff immediately, anywhere in Pakistan. Used or brand new computers, laptops, accessories, MAC, printers, scanners, TV, mobile, iPhone, iPod, smart watches, digital cameras, cars, motorbikes, woofer system, home theatre system, home appliances, furniture, car deck, CD player, DVD player, stereo tape recorder, microwave oven, fridge, refrigerator and more. You can afford anything for your home. Just browse and find your required item, call seller at his mobile, direct contact him and buy your dream. Its all free! You can do the following at Hafeez-Centre.com

  • Direct Buy Electronics, Mechanics and more
  • Direct Sell Electronics, Mechanics and more
  • Direct Exchange Electronics, Mechanics and more
  • Maintain your Products and Price Listing (catalog) as a Seller

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