Q. What is the purpose of hafeez centre?
A. To bring seller and buyer close. Using hafeez centre, anybody can sell any product online, right from his home. He just have to post it at this website and users of hafeez centre will see that listing online and if they are interested in buying that stuff, they can contact directly to seller.

Q. My account was blocked. What to do next?
A. If you post same item multiple times, or spam post ads, your account will be blocked. We have very strict policy towards spam. Usually we do not restore blocked account but you can email us your concern.

Q. Are the sellers from Hafeez Centre Gulberg Lahore Pakistan invloved in it?
A. Yes.

Q. Will my email be shown at website?
A. No! You email is for this website only. It will not be shown to users of this website. Your email will be private but only if you choose to show it. Although users can send email to you using this website.

Q. Will my phone number be shown at this website?
A. Yes! If you choose so. It is for the users who might contact you via phone to inquire you about the product you are selling.

Q. How can you help us grow?
A. Recommend this website to your friends and keep the website safe and spam free.

Q. Is it safe to trade on Hafeez Centre website?
A. Most of the deals done through website are safe and trouble free. We also monitor website with automatic spam filters and bots which regularly scans and eliminate suspicious listings & spams from here. You are also advised that personally meet the person and look carefully what you are going to buy before purchase.

Q. What is safe trading?
A. Always use caution, care and common sense while dealing with new person.

Q. Can you help me to buy an item from Hafeez Centre Plaza?
A. We provide a trading platform for sellers and buyers to trade directly with each other. We do not sell or buy anything. You can list your demand in Wanted section to get relevant offers from potential sellers. We have a section called sector 9 for people who are in business in Hafeez Centre Plaza. They maintain their catalog there and you can check out that section for more.

Q. Unwanted comments on my listing/product/item?
A. Sellers can delete undesired comment(s) from their listing(s). Simply login and open your listed item to avail delete option with each comment.

Q. My item is sold. How can I remove my listing/product/item?
A. Sellers can remove their listed item(s). Simply login from sellers account and open your listed item to see Remove option on listing.

Q. How long an item is listed for sale?
A. Duration of listed item depends upon the time period selected by seller. An item can be listed for maximum 60 days. Daily new items are listed by sellers and older items are automatically removed by system.

Q. Seller has not mentioned contact details, how can I contact seller?
A. You can either post a comment on the listing, we notify sellers whenever a comment is posted on their listing(s) OR you can also send a private message to seller using contact seller link. You may also check sellers other listings or profile to know more about seller.

Q. How can I report a suspicious listing?
A. You can click on "Report this comment!" or "Report this product" to inform us about the suspecious comment and listing.