Please keep the following guidelines/rules in mind while buying, selling, listing or using this website .

Guidelines for Sellers

  • Write a meaningful title for your item. Spell your item correctly so it can appear in relevant search results.
  • Post your valid contact information (email/Mobile No./Phone No.) for easy communication with buyers.
  • Mention condition/usage of item if its not brand new.
  • Always give clear description of your item including any defect(s)
  • Post original picture o item.
  • Always mention all accessories, box, manuals & warranty of item if included.
  • Mention your reasonable demand for the item.
  • Post reasonable demand, its good idea to check latest prices from market.
  • To give buyer confidence, seller may mention reason for selling.
  • Do not post same item multiple times, it will be deleted and your account will be blocked.
  • Do not spam, your account will be deleted.
  • Do not create spam accounts and use your original information. Spam accounts will be blocked.

Guidelines for Buyers

  • Always get the idea of current market price of an item before negotiating with seller.
  • Check the condition, accessories & warranty of item carefully.
  • Buyer may check the stability, re-sale value & market feedback of particular item.

Guidelines for buying used Mobile Phones

  • If a locally used or more than one year old cell phone looks like a brand new one, check it more carefully, its may be painted.
  • To check whether the phone is painted or not, carefully examine the edges of screen ,the speaker and mic place you will defintly find some evidence of spray paint.one more thing if the surface of the phone is a little bit rough or grainy slightly scratch the phone's paint with your nail ,if its painted the paint will be removed.
  • Check the accessories that comes with the phone.
  • Check the original body of the phone.
  • Attach the charger and charge the phone for 5 mins.
  • Check the incoming and outgoing voice with and without handsfree
  • Check LCD contrast.
  • Check the seal of the warranty even if the cell's waranty expired.
  • If phone is in warranty match the IMEI number of the warranty card and the phone, usually printed on the back side of phone under the battery.
  • Always Make a real call from the phone and verify the incoming and outgoing voice.
  • Thoroughly check the menu play with the phone,turn it On and OFF couple of times.
  • Remove the battery for couple of minutes and reinstall it again to verify the health of the battery.
  • Ask the seller why he wants to sell, is there any problem with the cell.

Mobile Phone Verification (Repaired or not)

  • Check the warranty seal.
  • Examine the all Screws very carefully if a little bit paint is removed or all the screws are not alike then the set has been opened.
  • See the edges of the phone,the line between the upper and lower halves of the body. Press phone slightly if there is a little bit play between the upper and lower half then the set may be repaired.