Terms & Conditions

If you use hafeez-centre.com services, you are bound with the following terms and conditions.

  • You will provide the correct phone number and email address which can be used by the users of this website to contact you directly.
  • You will not spam.
  • You will not use abusive language.
  • You will not post rude or abusive language anywhere.
  • You will not spam in comments.
  • You will not post irrelevant links here.
  • You will upload relevant image whenever you post any item for sell.
  • You will remove your item from here once it will be sold. We do not remove items or products from here. It is your responsibility to delete your product from here when it is sold so that you may avoid further calls about that product.
  • You will not post pornography or abusive stuff.
  • You will not post rubbish photo/images here. (Result: immediate permanant ban)

Failing to comply with above terms and conditions, your account, product listings, mobile number, email address, IP address can be deleted and banned permanantly from this website.